Ep. 1: Mega-Eaters

Our pilot episode!  Today we talk about hyperphagia.  From the ancient legend of Limos, goddess of famine, to 18th Century monsters and oddities, Jack and J. J. give the details on everything from menus to autopsy reports.  Then we present a buffet of modern-day information about competitive-eaters, gastric rupture, and vorarephilia.  Yum!


The Legend of Limos as told by Ovid  (curated by Aaron J. Atsma)

Tarrare and Charles Domery

Prader-Willi Syndrome

Polyphagia Deaths and Stomach Rupture

Snarbolax’s Tarrare Fan-Art

Competitive Eaters


Maurice Sendak Quote

Additional Resources:

 La Faim (Hunger) – an animated short by Peter Foldes

Kumbhakarna: brother of Raavana in the Ramayana.


2 thoughts on “Ep. 1: Mega-Eaters

  1. Want to find out the connection between Mary Shelley, 19th century science, Criss Angel, and zombie Three Stooges? I just had the honor of being a guest star for an episode of Paregoricon​, and we talked about all of those things. If you want to find out the connection between them, keep an eye out for upcoming episodes (you can expect it in about a month or so).

    I also want to say that besides putting a lot of time into researching, recording, and editing the podcast, they really put their whole heart into the podcast–which shows in its quality. It is a real labor of love.


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