Ep. 4: Cryptids

Fear the Batsquatch!  In this lighter episode, Jack and J. J. discuss the grandest cryptids the world over.  From the darkest hearts of Africa and South America to the frozen, piney wastes of Wisconsin, cryptids are found everywhere.  Aside from folksy joking, your hosts also discuss the very real science behind the discovery of new species, and where the boundaries between biology and myth begin to blur.


What makes a Cryptid?

Carl Linnaeus, Confirmed Cryptids, and the Coney Island Sea Rabbit

The Heart of Africa

South America

North America


Additional Resources:

Music used in this podcast:

Crosshill Swallows 2″ by Nick Kuepfer

St. Louis Tickle” by Heftone Banjo Orchestra

Railroad’s Whiskey Co.” by Jahzzar

Andrew Bisset: Cultural Dis-Ease” by Sergey Schepkin

Crater in the Moon” by Coin Locker Kid

Potoo Call recorded by Luiz Gabriel Mazzoni

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One thought on “Ep. 4: Cryptids

  1. I enjoyed this. Your imagery is very imaivnatige and creative. They dance on the page. Yes ME time is very important especially when the words need to be purged. Keep writing!


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