Ep. 7: Reptilians!

In today’s episode, Jack and J. J. risk all they hold dear to rip the mask off the Reptilian conspiracy.  Thrill as they explore the theories of David Icke, learn about the real “Holy Grail”, and uncover the Satanic secrets of baked goods.  Serious discussion occurs around the various manifestations of conspiracy-based thinking.  Then, your hosts try their hand at ‘making connections’.


General Reptilian Information

Reptilians in History and Culture

Thoughts about the Reptilian Hypothesis

Additional Resources:

The following was J. J.’s first introduction to the notion of Reptilian humanoids and their nefarious plots:  “Are You Afraid of the Dark?  The Tale of the Hatching”  Nickelodeon.  U.S. Airdate: 25 September, 1993.

Music used in this podcast:

Transform (Ray Rude) / CC BY-NC 3.0
A Spoonful Of Honey (Schemawound) / CC BY 3.0

Space Night Drumming” by Frank Dorittke

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