Ep. 8: Menu of the Mad

Jack and J. J. take a bite out of strange and brutal food lore.  From ortolans to formaldehyde-laced milk to vivisected fish, the Menu of the Mad is sure to offer something new for your palate.

In our first part we discuss the nested gluttony of ortolans and foie gras before moving on to examining a selection of urban legends and food misconceptions.  We then get deep into true stories of food contamination (thanks, Victorian England).  After we describe one of the weirdest ersatz foods ever concocted, we enjoy a break with deadly fruit before swallowing stories of the cruelest kind of food: vivisected creatures.


Part I: Nested Gluttony – Stuffing is Delicious

Part II: Danger!  – Urban Legends

Part III: LIES – Contamination and Fakery

Part IV:  Death From Above – Deadly Fruit

Part V: Brutality – Vivisected Food

Part VI:  A Creepypasta for dessert.

  • Eat Your Greens” by Cosmo Fish.  www.creepypasta.com.  14 October 2013.

Additional Resources:

Music used in this podcast:

Transform (Ray Rude) / CC BY-NC 3.0

The Panic Slowly Creeps In by Haunted Disco

Only Questions Remain by Neganote

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