Ep. 9: Galvanism – Part 1

It’s ALIVE!  Today we’re joined by special guest Marie to talk about the strange history of galvanism.  From the start, curious scientists have pushed the boundary of death, electrocuting corpses of animals and humans.  We’ll discuss the birth of medical galvanism, follow the trail of its evolution, and explore how galvanism is interpreted in present day medicine.


The Story of Jack Lambert  from http://www.childers-sheperd.org

  • Letters of Andrew Jackson Lambert from http://www.childers-sheperd.org  [The Heritage of Swain County North Carolina, 1988, Swain County Genealogical and Historical Society, Bryson City, NC, Hazel C.
    Jenkins, Coordinator, pp. 33-36. The original manuscript of this letter is in the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, Cherokee, NC. Thanks to
    Peggy Lambert for letting us know of the existence of this letter.]

Part I:  What is Galvanism?

Part II: Experimentation and Mesmerism

Part III: Criminal Executions

Music used in this podcast:

The Panic Slowly Creeps In by Haunted Disco
Transform (Ray Rude) / CC BY-NC 3.0
Technological 1 by Cory Gray
Technological 4 by Cory Gray
Lucid Streaming by Graham Bole
Cyphon by Jason Staczek
Space Night Drumming by Frank Dorritke
Tribal Baby by Satellite Ensemble
Cultural Dis-Ease by Andrew Bisset

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