Ep. 12: Aileen Wuornos – Part 2

In this second installation of our Aileen Wuornos series we detail her descent into violent crime.  After filling in a bit more detail of Aileen’s life in Florida, we chat about how she met the love of her life: Tyria Moore.  Then we move on to discussing her victims from the first, Richard Mallory, to the final victim, Walter Antonio.

Then listen to the thrilling take-down of Aileen at the hands of intrepid detectives Bucket and Drums.  Finally, we conclude with a discussion as to whether Aileen had a serial killer signature.


General Information

Richard Mallory

David Spears

Charles Carskaddon

Peter Siems

  • Peter Siems” by ‘Lindsey Boswell’.  www.lindseyboswell.weebly.com.
  • See interview with Sue Russell linked above.

Eugene Troy Burress

  • Troy Burress” by ‘Lindsey Boswell’.  www.lindseyboswell.weebly.com.

Dick Humphreys

Analysis and Discussion

Additional Resources:

Music used in this podcast:

Satellite Ensemble – Chase Down

Podington Bear – Nocturne Op 27, No. 1

Podington Bear – Dark Water

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