Ep. 13: Aileen Wuornos – Part 3

In this final episode profiling our first heavy-hitter, Aileen Wuornos, we discuss her trial, convictions, and life leading up to her execution.  You’ll get the pleasure of meeting such wild characters as Dr. Legal (a.k.a. Steve Glazer) and Arlene Pralle as we chronicle this strange carriage of justice.  Later, Jack and J. J. cover Aileen’s deteriorating mental state during her years on Florida’s death row.

Trigger Warning: A reading of the ‘Visine Incident’ that Aileen recounted during her first trial begins at 17:55 and ends at 20:45.


Aileen’s First Trial

Aileen’s Second Trial

Incarceration and Execution

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Music used in this podcast:

Nick Jaina – I’ll Do the Time

CXLVIII – whisper

Podington Bear – Dark Water

Corey Gray – Rosie

James Beaudreau – Union Square

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