Ep. 15: Evil Popes!

Drunken orgies!  War-mongering!  Melon-eating!  We’ve got it all in this delightfully debauched episode regarding the worst Popes in history.  Steel yourself for tales of depraved sexuality, fancy hats, corruption, and literally putting a dead man on trial.  There is some hope, though, as we end with tales of a gentler, American Pope.


A Primer of Historical Popes

Pope Michael

More Pope Resources

Additional Resources:

  • The Bad Popes” by E. R. Chamberlin.  Barnes and Noble. New York. 1969.

Music used in this podcast:

These Fair Hands (Nick Jaina) / CC BY-NC 3.0

Whisper” by CXLVIII.

Wake Up!” by Kai Engel.

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