Ep. 16: Killer Robots

What have you done lately for our future robot overlords?  If the answer is ‘not much’, you may be in trouble.  Today your fearless hosts snub their noses at the nightmarish future of malevolent all-powerful AI systems and killer robots.  We begin with a discussion of Roko’s Basilisk and the Singularity, later moving on to military robots and the course of serious AI development.


Roko’s Basilisk and The Great Yudkowsky

Killer Robots and AI

Realistic Cyber-Threats

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Music used in this podcast:

  • Kai Engel – “Wake Up”
  • Ray Rude – “Oblique Strategies”
  • Ray Rude – “Viper”
  • Coin Locker Kid – “Crater in the Moon”

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One thought on “Ep. 16: Killer Robots

  1. After reading through the Timeless Decision Theory paper (which I didn’t realize was 100+ pages when I started it 30 minutes before bedtime last night) it seems that TDT boils down to “Decide whether evidential or causal decision theory gives better results and switch between the two accordingly.” This conclusion seemed obvious after the initial problems were discussed, yet I still stayed up until 7 a.m. reading about how a d6 in a sealed envelope is the same thing as an alien who hasn’t been hit by a stray cosmic ray. I’m not sure who to blame for my situation, although, with the help of TDT, the theoretically perfect simulation of myself now knows whether or not to read the paper.

    As for the Basilisk, it seems rather futile to try and hide the existence of the mere concept of blackmail to an AI that is supposed to govern all human morality. I think we can safely assume it has the internet, and thus understands both the Streisand effect and the United Nation’s policy of not negotiating with terrorists.

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