Ep. 20: Death and Wrestling – Part 1


Are you ready to rumble?!  Today Jack and J. J. discuss the dark underbelly of professional wrestling.  Once your hosts warm up with a primer on wrestling lingo, they get into the meat of violence and murder.  They end with an in-depth discussion of the Chris Benoit double murder/suicide.  In the next episode, they’ll examine the reasons behind the inordinate number of wrestlers who abuse drugs, die early, or commit suicide.


Glossary of Wrestling Terms via Wikipedia

La Dama del Silencio

Jimmy Snuka and DT Porter

Hulk Hogan vs. Richard Belzer

Hardbody Harrison

New Jack

Chris Benoit (Note: we will discuss Benoit more in the next episode)

Music used in this podcast:

When The New Line Finds You (Cory Gray) / CC BY-NC 3.0
Morbid Imagination (Kai Engel) / CC BY-NC 4.0
Twilight Star Channeling (Jari Pitkanen) / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Crater in the moon. (Coin Locker Kid) / CC BY 4.0


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