Ep. 26: Indigo Children

Did you know that if you were born after 1978, you have a 95% chance of being an extremely unique and possibly telepathic Indigo Child? Well, you’re in luck today!

In this episode, Jack and J. J. take on the very special world of Indigo Children and Crystal Children. They explore the history of this new-age concept, then outline how it’s caught on with entire generations of parents.

An Indigo Child may have trouble fitting in to rigid societal structures, may be diagnosed with ADHD or placed somewhere on the Autistic spectrum, or might find it easier to relate to animals rather than their peers. Of course, when we take a closer look, almost any child’s behavior can be fit into this model. By the end we postulate about what’s really going on with how society treats its kids.


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Music used in this podcast:

Three Colors (Podington Bear) / CC BY-NC 3.0


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