Ep. 30: The Abduction of Antônio Vilas Boas


Prepare yourself for clear jellies, red body hair, and diminutive aliens in the greatest abduction story ever told!

Today your hosts recount the experience of an Brazilian farmer by the name of Antonio Vilas Boas. Internationally known as one of the most authentic cases of alien abduction, Jack and J.J. spill the kinky details. With an introduction and wrap-up that put the tale in context, this episode is sure to rev your tractor.


Antônio Vilas Boas via Wikipedia

BRAZIL: The Amazing Case of António Villas Boas” by Gordon Creighton. Interstellar-Travel.com. Last Updated: 2008. (Contains Deposition and Medical Report).

Fairyland’s Hunters: Notes Toward a Revisionist History of Abductions. Part One.” by Peter Rogerson. Magonia Magazine. Issue 46. June 1993.

Antonio Villas Boas: Abduction Episode Ground Zero” by Terry Melanson. http://www.conspiracyarchive.com. Last Updated: 10 May 2005.

Brazilian Government Releases 1958 Photos of UFO Taken by Crew of Navy Ship” by Zack Van Eyck. ufogrid.com. 16 January 2012.

George Adamski via Wikipedia.

Additional Resources:

Close Encounters of the Brazilian Kind: The Amazing Story of Antonio Villas Boas” by Michael Wysmierski. Issue #2. Liquid Press. 2000.

Music and sounds used in this podcast:

Dog Barks by Alexander. http://www.orangefreesounds.com

Wolf Howl. averageoutdoorsman.com

Ingravity (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 3.0


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