Ep. 37: Judy Buenoano


When Judy Buenoano was led to the electric chair on March 30, 1998, she was the first woman to be executed in the State of Florida for 150 years. She was convicted of the murder of her husband and her son.

Today Jack and J. J. explore one of the most famous black widows in American history. With up to six deaths connected to her, she’s not the most prolific killer, but she is arguably one of the most cruel. Using arsenic as her weapon of choice, she slowly poisoned her closest loved ones. But she didn’t stop there, she also branched out into stabbing, drowning, arson, and car-bombing!


Judy Buenoano via Wikipedia

Judias Anna Buenoano via Murderpedia

Judias Buenoano ‘Black Widow’” by Trista Guynn. Compiled by Radford University.

Judias V. Buenoano via Clarkprosecutor.org.

Judy Buenoano via Crimemuseum.org.

Supreme Court of Florida: No. 68,091. Judias V. Buenoano vs. State of Florida. 23 June 1988.

Supreme Court of Florida: No. 75,213 & 75,346. Judy A. Buenoano vs. Richard L. Dugger & Judy A. Buenoano vs. State of Florida. 5 April 1990.

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Buenoano Goes to Chair Appearing Small, Scared” by Wendy Spirduso. Orlando Sentinel. 31 March 1998.

Arsenic Poisoning

Music used in this podcast:

The Business Of Breaking Men’s Hearts (Dazie Mae) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Vanda’s Blues (David Szesztay) / CC BY-NC 3.0

Ignition Noise

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