Ep. 38: The Brown Mountain Lights


Today your hosts uncover the truth about one of North Carolina’s most enduring mysteries: The Brown Mountain Lights.

Floating multi-colored orbs or flashes of light have been witnessed around Brown Mountain for decades. Some say it’s the lanterns of Native American ghost women searching for their murdered husbands. Others claim it’s a hot-spot for UFO activity, possibly due to the secret underground facility housed beneath the mountain. Still others think the phenomenon can be attributed to interdimensional Bigfeet.

But don’t worry, your insightful hosts get to the bottom of it all in this episode.

Special Thanks to Marie for providing us with an excellent bibliography.


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Music used in this podcast:

Railroad’s Whiskey Co (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 3.0
Pharaoh 2011 (Yair Yona) / CC BY 4.0

Danger – [Dark Ambient] by myuu


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