Ep. 41: Derrick Todd Lee


Between 1992 and 2003, women in Baton Rouge were disappearing. Some were attacked in their homes and brutally stabbed to death. Others were kidnapped, savagely raped, strangled, and dumped in a nearby canal. The murder weapon and style of attack varied, as did the trophies removed from each crime scene. Authorities suspected they had a serial killer on their hands, but despite DNA evidence connecting the cases, they weren’t able to track down the culprit.

In May of 2003, a DNA swab was taken from a West Feliciana Parish man as part of a general drive in the community. When it was rushed through the lab, it came back as matching the unidentified genetic sample taken from Carrie Lynn Yoder. Soon thereafter, Derrick Todd Lee was apprehended in Atlanta, Georgia.

This episode covers the facts about Derrick Todd Lee’s history, his crimes, and the problems that allowed him to continue unabated for so long.



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Music used in this podcast:

Juliette – Podington Bear

Badlands – Cory Gray


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