Ep. 43: Death and Acting


Jack and J. J. cover the many perils of acting, on stage and in front of a camera. We begin with the tragedy that befell the Great Lafayette, one of the greatest magicians of all time. Then we move on to the remarkable deaths of various film stars including Martha Mansfield, Tyrone Power, and the Lees.

Near the end, we examine the low-key horror of body doubles, CGI, and what replacing our actors after their deaths might mean about the nature of personal identity.



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Part I: On Stage/ During Production Deaths

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Sarah Guyard-Guillot

The Great Lafayette

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Interlude: When We Don’t Take Death Seriously 

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Part II: Replacing Dead Actors with Doubles

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Additional Resources:

Colectiv Nightclub Fire” via Wikipedia


Music and Sound Effects used in this podcast:

Forgotten Land by Doxent Zsigmond

.44 Magnum sound effects” via Youtube.com

44 Magnum Single Gunshot Sound Effect” via Youtube.com


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One thought on “Ep. 43: Death and Acting

  1. The hologram Jpop singer, Hatsune Miku actually uses the same kind of Vocaloid voicebank that was used for Hide’s song! Except her voice was sampled from an actress named Saki Fujita, who is very much alive. Miku’s voicebank has also had several updates in both English and Japanese since it’s initial release in 2007.

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