Ep. 47: Sinkholes


What would you do if the ground simply dropped out from under your feet? What if your bedroom suddenly collapsed into a crumbling pit, burying you alive? What if a chunk of your neighborhood simply dropped into an abyss? If a sinkhole opens up near you, you might have less time to answer these questions than you’d think.

Today Jack and J. J. cover a selection of different types of sinkholes. Some strike populated areas, wreaking havoc and tragedy. Others are ancient geological formations around which people have woven ghostly mythologies. Still other sinkholes can be linked to the effects of climate change. Join us as we discuss this remarkably terrifying natural phenomenon.



Sinkholes via the United States Geological Survey

Sinkhole via Wikipedia

Cenote via Wikipedia

Sinkholes: When the Earth Opens Up” (Photo Essay) by Alan Taylor. The Atlantic. 12 July 2013.

Urban and Suburban Sinkholes

Wild Sinkholes

Megaslump Sinkholes



Music used in this podcast:

Only Questions Remain by Neganote

Danger – [Dark Ambient] by myuu

Juliette by Podington Bear



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