Jack Parker is a researcher and philosophy instructor. When she’s not busy being crushed beneath the soulless wheel of existence, she enjoys painting, crafting, exploration, advocacy work, and preparing fossils in inappropriate locations. She has a B.S. in Psychology and an M.A. in Philosophy. Check out her digital art at society6.com/jackgparker.

Contact Jack at jackgraceparker@gmail.com

J. J. Roye is an aspiring writer who loves weird fiction, gimlets, and the way cats curl their toes when they nap.  Someday, she plans to tend goats named after villains.  She holds a B.A. in Mass Media Communications and an M. A. in Philosophy.  She previously worked as a public librarian. You can read some of her writing on her website: jjroye.wordpress.com

Contact J. J. at paregoricon@gmail.com

Copyright (2015-2016) Jack Parker, J. J. Roye, Will Mirone.  All Rights Reserved.

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